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Flowers in the Mirror

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 山海鏡花 (by RAGDOLL GAMING)

The game development invited nearly 150 top painters from China, Japan and South Korea to perfectly integrate modern aesthetics and traditional mythology to create a new vision that is different from the established stereotypes, delicately depicting the game scenes, and the essence of the protagonist and the mirror spirit. Careful craftsmanship breaks through tradition and brings a new world of mountains and seas.

Now, follow the lizard train and set off to brave the wilderness.

Immerse yourself in the plot and immerse yourself in the situation
“Flowers in the Mirror of Mountains and Seas” is an adaptation of the story based on the ancient literary books “The Classic of Mountains and Seas” and “Flowers in the Mirror”, including “Hou Yi shoots the sun”, “Chang Xi moonlights”, “Kuafu chases the sun”, “Wrath cannot touch the sun” There are many familiar myths such as “Zhoushan” and “Nuwa patching up the sky”. Let Ryuko-sama re-experience the grandeur of the mythical stories of mountains and seas. In the process of solving missions and puzzles in the game, in addition to the voice actors and dubbing of the main storyline, more than 200 animation clips were added to interpret the story, so that Ryuko-sama can be more integrated into the story tension brought by the plot, as if experiencing it personally. Its environment provides the best immersive experience.


Walking with the spirit, across the mountains and seas
In the world of “Kingka of Mountains and Seas”, the one most closely related to Ryuko-sama is the “King Spirit”. There are more than 80+ various mirror spirit characters, divided into four races: “Heaven”, “Spirit”, “Mortal” and “Monster”. After referring to ancient literary books, detailed character settings are made for the mirror spirit, and then the characters are created. The unique characters make each Mirror Spirit character exude unique charm and recognition.


Thousands of ways, follow your heart
The mirror spirit is an important helper who accompanies Master Longzi in his brave journey into the wilderness. In “Shanhai Jinghua”, there are five types of mirror spirit characteristics, including “damage output”, “spiritual control”, “offensive assistance”, “defense assistance”, and “speed control”, with each mirror spirit’s unique characteristics. skills to create ever-changing gameplay.


In order to adapt to battles with different attributes, Ryuko-sama needs to be more flexible in using the attributes of each mirror spirit in terms of team configuration. Even a low-level mirror spirit may have unique skills that can bring miraculous effects to the battle.


Thousand-year-old desolate spirits, all under his command
“Kingka of Mountains and Seas” embodies multiple ancient mythical beasts, appearing as “wild spirits” in the wild world. After achieving specific goals through the main mission of solving puzzles, Ryuko-sama can train the ancient wild spirits. When Huang Ling joins, it will bring additional effects to the team battle according to its skill characteristics, assisting Ryuko-sama to be more skillful when facing powerful enemies.

Available: Google Play – HK

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