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Zero to Hero- Pixel Saga

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Zero to Hero- Pixel Saga (by Rastar Games)

CBT Time: 9th April 11:00 ~ 16th April 17:00(UTC+8)

The real-time battle, travel time-space, and embark on an adventure journey with Princess Sunny!

1. Unlock the extraordinary battle experience with free hands
one-handed performance makes a fierce battle, with an auto-exploration upgrade easier. Character cultivation is shared by the resonance, making a variety of lineups upon your strategy. Different strategies help you venture to the top, and enjoy an extraordinary battle experience!

Zero to Hero- Pixel Saga

2. Gather partners and start a new adventure in the otherworld
Save the princess, make more than hundreds of partners freely team up, and have a new adventure in the otherworld from now on.

Zero to Hero- Pixel Saga

3. Diversified gameplay, creating multi enjoyment
Random maze to explore various treasures. A variety of casual, strategic, and competitive gameplay, team up with partners in real-time, join the champion showdown and enjoy treasure hunting in the otherworld.

Zero to Hero- Pixel Saga

4. Idle upgrade, easy to raise
Whether at work or study, free to raise the strongest suppressive hero at any time and place. The easiest way, the strongest adventure king!

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Zero to Hero- Pixel Saga

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