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Rabbit Squad: TD 2077

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Rabbit Squad: TD 2077 (by Nox Interactive Technology Limited)

In the year 2077, a catastrophe known as the ‘The Storm’ descended upon the Earth, destroying almost all forms of life. This disaster not only destroyed the world but also triggered a series of temporal and spatial disruptions. You, Dr. Mike, a great scholar in genetic science and mysticism, gather with elites from different eras and dimensions in this chaotic timeline to form the Rabbit Squad!
At this critical moment in the fate of humanity, you will face unknown dangers, break through layers of mist, and uncover the truth and secrets of the world. Rabbit Squad, assemble!

Game Features

Introducing the thrilling and exhilarating RPG tower defense mobile game!
New players will receive 1000 summon tickets upon logging in, along with the rare Agent Member- Chatty Merc!

· Super Thrilling Game
Defeat enemies with a single click, it’s incredibly satisfying! Each agent member possesses their own unique skills, unleashing powerful moves to repel monsters!

Rabbit Squad: TD 2077

· Recruit Powerful Agents
Players can recruit agents from various factions such as Wind, Fire, Thunder, Water, and Earth. Train and upgrade your adventure members constantly. Each member holds tremendous hidden potential.

Rabbit Squad: TD 2077

· Upgrade Equipment Strategically
Upgrade your equipment to permanently enhance your combat power. When facing formidable enemies, strategic equipment upgrades are crucial. There may be more than one way to defeat your foes.

Rabbit Squad: TD 2077

· Diverse & Infinite Challenges
Choose from multiple difficulty levels and experience a fresh level of gameplay combining classic tower defense mechanics. Only the elite rabbit squad can survive against the mutated monsters!

Rabbit Squad: TD 2077

· Utilize strategies to defeat formidable enemies.
When encountering powerful enemies, it’s essential to adjust your lineup strategically. There may be more than one way to defeat the enemy.

Rabbit Squad: TD 2077 is an RPG tower defense game. In the game, you will become Dr. Mike and brave the adventure in the multiverse alongside the courageous Rabbit Squad. Defeat various enemies and seek opportunities to save humanity. Download Rabbit Squad: TD 2077 to rescue the civilization on the brink of destruction, Rabbit Squad, assemble!

Rabbit Squad: TD 2077

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