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Doomsday: Monster Adventure

Early access – EN + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Doomsday: Monster Adventure (by Hong Kong NanSanNan Technology Co., Limited)

Monster Adventure is an RPG development mobile game that tells the story of how in the next 2224 years, the Earth will be infected by an unknown RR virus, all cities will turn into ruins, world civilization will be on the brink of extinction, and only a small number of creatures will survive. Little Monsters acquire RR virus antibodies and mutate, exploring the origin of the RR virus and their mission to save the end of the world. Players will take on the role of a Hajimi who has obtained antibodies, and as they grow step by step in the shelter, they will explore the secrets of the world and work hand in hand with many strange creatures!

Doomsday: Monster Adventure

Game features
Doomsday Adventure, Hanging Up and Exploding Equipment
Little monsters no longer go into internal competition, easily lie flat to upgrade!
Turn on the equipment for the refrigerator, and in the blink of an eye, your combat power will increase by tens of thousands!
Super cool hanging up and opening the refrigerator function, automatically decomposing low-level equipment, realizing the freedom of hands and embarking on great adventures!

Doomsday: Monster Adventure

Intelligent Moving Chicken, Searching for Treasures Anywhere
Study chicken for a thousand days, use chicken for a while!
Everything in your shelter belongs to me! Intelligent perpetual chicken brings back all the treasures you want and fills your backpack with them!

Doomsday: Monster Adventure

Collect any accessories from the Mad Demon Sect
A paradise for gamers, where there are various forms, ruins, fish species, and companions waiting for you to pick up!
Equipment load suspension, pet masters, any combination! Critical hits, bloodsucking, dodging streams There are so many styles to match that you are dazzled!
Explore the world and win the rankings
Players can explore the world and gradually uncover the origin of the RR virus and its mission to save the apocalypse.
To become the number one leader in the ruins of the apocalypse, one not only relies on combat power, but also unique strategies!

Available: Google Play – US, CA, PH, TW, etc…

Doomsday: Monster Adventure

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