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Three Worlds: Fantasy Apocalypse

Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Expected on October 25, 2023

The description of 三界幻想啟示錄 (by HONGKONG SKYMOONS INTERACTIVE CO., LIMITED)

Fantasy RPG played all over the world, 2 million people are taking the adventure with you!
Get [999 draws] at the beginning, super cool benefits to start!
Make a reservation now and receive SSR general “Lei Zhenzi”, SSR general “Shiji Niang”, SSR mythical card “Wings of Wind and Thunder” and many other great gifts!

Great news! Three Worlds Fantasy Apocalypse
Linkage exclusive gift package code: cl666
The new spirit generals “Dongfang Qingcang” and “Little Orchid” will make a joint cross-border appearance to save the three realms with you!

Game background

The game combines fantasy and history to build a new, large RPG map. It tells the story of players who, as the Destined One, will once again embark on the road of adventure after the First Three Realms War.
In the game, players can experience a high degree of freedom in RPG exploration gameplay, interactive puzzle solving in various scenes, and nearly 100 3D plots bringing immersive animation performances.
In “Three Realms Fantasy Apocalypse”, you will not only challenge the evil forces, but also grow together with your partners. Surprises and challenges along the way urge you to continue to explore the truth and gradually become a great hero. Pick up your weapons and start this great adventure with your companions!

Game Features

Start with 999 consecutive draws and start the journey with super cool benefits
You will be given 999 draws at the start, SSR limited spirit general companions, and daily spiritual lantern power to help you grow rapidly in the three realms and enjoy the fantasy world.


High-burning 3D plot continues the fantasy of the three realms
With a high-octane plot and top-notch animation performances, you will, as the destiny of Linjing Valley, experience a grand storyline intertwined with history and fantasy, and decide the final direction of the Three Realms!


The collision of classic RPG elements, cards and RPG
Say goodbye to the traditional card-based push map mode. The map has an ultra-high degree of freedom in RPG exploration content. It is more free to collect materials, refine equipment, solve puzzles and find treasures!


Variety of mythical decks, free strategy to win
100+ mythical cards, 400+ general skills can be combined freely, break through the shackles of the lineup, attack together, experience various skill combinations, and show off the ultimate combined skills!


Palace-level painting style, high appearance in all three realms
Create a palace-level fantasy world with ingenuity and reshape the peak of the three realms. Excellent character drawings and gorgeous skill effects invite you to enter a high-quality oriental fantasy world!

Come and start your own fantasy journey in the Three Realms!

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO, SG, MY

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