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SINAG Fighting Game

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of SINAG Fighting Game (by Ranida Games)

📜 Developer Note:

  • Now available worldwide on Google Play!

Dive into the captivating world of SINAG, a mobile 1v1 fighting game that combines the allure of Philippine mythology with deep and engaging gameplay mechanics. As you step into the arena, you’ll discover a game that is both easy to start and play, yet challenging to master.

SINAG Fighting Game
SINAG Fighting Game

With its intuitive four-button controls, SINAG ensures that even newcomers can quickly grasp the basics of combat and start unleashing powerful attacks. However, beneath its accessible surface lies a wealth of depth and complexity, inviting dedicated players to explore advanced fighting game mechanics and refine their skills to perfection.

SINAG Fighting Game
SINAG Fighting Game

SINAG goes beyond delivering thrilling gameplay—it also offers a journey of cultural immersion. Immerse yourself in the vibrant visuals and meticulously crafted backgrounds that pay homage to the beauty and diversity of the Philippines. Experience the essence of Filipino culture as it intertwines with captivating supernatural encounters and explores the depths of myth and legend.

SINAG Fighting Game

Sinag is developed in partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Game Features
– 8 Playable Characters
– 8 Background Stages
– Four-button with directional input controller scheme
– No Swipe, No Cooldown Dependent Moves
– Touch and Controller support
– Combo-heavy Gameplay Mechanics

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