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Who is The Lucky Hero ?

Early access – CBT2 + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Who is The Lucky Hero ?(by Exptional Global)

Who is the Lucky Hero of the Cube Galaxy? It’s a good question, but it’s also a good game. This fun and original party game was developed by Yongcheng Liu when he was a student in 2011. Yongcheng’s design philosophy: Easy! Happy! Lucky! This year, he finally had the chance to share this game’s design with gamers all over the world. Yongcheng hopes to continually improve the game and make the experience better. He wants to listen carefully to your input and do his best, as the game can’t be improved with without you! Finally, he hopes everyone enjoys playing the game! May you become the lucky hero for all time!

– Original gameplay bringing a relaxed and upbeat gaming experience.
– Incredibly Easy: Learn in One Minute, Play Anytime, Anywhere.
No matter what time it is or where you are, simply open your phone and dive into an endless party of fun! Experience a unique cosmic adventure that will make your hangouts even more exciting!

– Every Match a New Experience: Fold, Sink, Drop… the possibilities for each match are endless!
Each match is a fresh adventure. As a Challenger, you can tap PUSH to propel your enemy away, or hold TRICK to give them a wallop. Be careful, as the traps continually change, don’t get squashed by falling cubes!

Who is The Lucky Hero ?

– Control the Arena: After Winning, Choose to be the Next Hero and Showcase Your Skills
If you win, you can choose to be the Hero and take control of the whole Arena! By using the Fold, Sink and Drop buttons, you can strategically set traps and outsmart your enemies. You can also land on the field and roll around to defeat them. Mix and match these skills to showcase your limitless potential in becoming a super Lucky Hero!

Who is The Lucky Hero ?

– Diverse Gameplay Modes: Team Up with Friends and Have Fun Together.
Immerse yourself in the classic and challenging Solo (1v1) battles, participate in the Smash mode where you can endlessly resurrect, or join forces with your friends for Trios (3v3v3) team challenge. Engage in intense battles like the Kuma Hat Battle or indulge in the sweet delights of Our Chocolate Factory and various other interesting limited-time modes. Come and create unforgettable memories together!

Who is The Lucky Hero ?

– Join the Global Lucky Hero Tour: Compete Against Players From All Around the World.
Experience an unparalleled level of competitiveness with a professionally fair playing field on the Lucky Hero Tour. If you have an esports dream, the Lucky Hero Tour awaits as the ultimate platform to unleash your passion. Brace yourself for awe-inspiring entrances, thunderous cheers, and resounding applause that fill the entire arena. Make connections with like-minded challengers from across the globe as you collectively chase the dream of glory. Share your skills and unbridled enthusiasm, and ascend as a radiant star in the realm of intergalactic esports!

Who is The Lucky Hero ?

More interesting features are coming, stay tuned!
– Unleash Your Creativity: Design your own Maps!
Get ready for a whole new level of gaming fun with our upcoming creative mode. You’ll have a free hand to design unique and stunning maps, create personalized gameplay, and let your imagination soar in the Cube Galaxy. Not only can you create exclusive game spaces for you and your friends, but you can also share your creations with friends from around the world, allowing everyone to explore the incredible worlds you’ve crafted!


Available: Google Play – BR

Who is The Lucky Hero ?

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