The Rising of the Shield Heroes RISE (TW)

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💡Platform – Android | Ios (TW)

The description of 盾之勇者成名錄 RISE (by LTGame)

The world-famous adventure drama “The Rising of the Shield Hero” is finally gamified! “The Rising of the Shield Heroes RISE” is a Japanese-style adventure mobile game for the heroes that is jointly authorized by Kadokawa Co., Ltd. and the original author アネコユサギ. The characters in the original plot are truly presented. Based on the animation settings, special gameplay is incorporated: Roguelike maze collection equipment, Brave Village to build healing hot springs, new stories of character biography, challenging alchemy relics, dangerous phantom battlefields, team fights and battles for the island of disputes, The epic adventure of heroic heroes with rich gameplay is now open!

The Merlomag Kingdom in another world is about to be attacked by the “wave” of extinction. Ordinary college student Shangwen Iwatani was summoned here as a brave of the shield. After experiencing betrayal, framing, and suspicion, he finally embarked on an adventure of his own. Choose the path of saints or the path of destruction? Fight for everyone or the world? All of this will eventually be revealed by you one by one.

盾之勇者成名錄 RISE
盾之勇者成名錄 RISE
盾之勇者成名錄 RISE
盾之勇者成名錄 RISE

[Game Features]
Super animation, passionate performance!
The game faithfully restores the classic animation plots, and the famous scenes are presented one by one. The super first-class animation team is hired to make new high-quality game animations, so that many popular characters have their own super-meaning animation performances!
Diverse teams, any combination of you!
Multi-role occupations are designed in the game, super diverse skill and strategy choices, thousands of team lineups to deal with challenges of different difficulty!
Roguelike underground maze!
Roguelike maze gameplay, randomly generated maps, waiting for you to enter the unknown adventure, a lot of rare materials and super equipment are waiting for the brave to collect! There is a different game experience every time you play!
A variety of shields, take them as you want!
Faithfully present the original shield development system and cultivate the strongest braves. All shields that appear in the original can be collected, and there are also new original shields that have never appeared in the original, which will bring new changes to the battle and a diversified game experience !
The back home of the brave man, heal the hot spring!
Build a home for the brave, open the heart-warming bond, build a manor belonging to Shangwen, and have a super-healing hot spring gameplay. You can enjoy a hot spring chat with your favorite companions, heal the soul and improve your feelings!
Enjoy the whole story with full voice!
All the main storyline of the game and the hot spring events of all characters are 100% performed with the original luxurious voice actor lineup FULLVOICE for the original sound!

盾之勇者成名錄 RISE

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