VOLT : Mobile

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of VOLT : Mobile (by 굿 프렌즈 스튜디오)

Original German board game of the same name! It’s a turn-based fighting game VOLT!!

“Welcome to the Robot Fighting League (RFL), Operator! Powerful battle bots await your orders. Win the ruthless arena and become the champion of the league!
Master the colorful modules to use their special abilities! Apply with various traps in the arena to subdue your opponents with witty strategies! The glory of destruction awaits you!”

VOLT : Mobile
VOLT : Mobile
VOLT : Mobile

– 4-player network-based turn-based fighting game
– Strategies using 19 different modules
– Play witty using traps and pushes
– Customize your Battlebot with unique skins
– Taunt your opponents with humorous emoticons!

VOLT : Mobile

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