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Survive The Night

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Survive The Night (by Landmark Games Ltd)

Get ready for a thrilling co-op multiplayer adventure in Survive the Night, the heart-pounding cooperative survival game that will push your teamwork and strategic skills to the limit! Your ultimate mission: Survive the Night and emerge victorious!

During the day, venture out and scavenge for vital resources to construct deadly traps and defenses, fortifying your base against the impending threat that lurks in the darkness. Every material you gather brings you one step closer to ensuring your survival when night falls, and sinister creatures awaken, craving nothing but destruction.

At Night, prepare for intense combat like never before. Engage in fierce battles against relentless foes, but be cautious! Overwhelming odds await those whose defenses are weak. Your ability to strategize and work seamlessly with your team will determine your fate. Can you craft impenetrable fortifications and hold your ground against the terrifying forces lurking in the shadows?

Survive The Night

Team up with friends or players from around the world to face the challenges together. Only by working together can you hope to survive the relentless night.

Survive The Night

Scavenge materials from unique environments to construct a formidable base. Choose wisely and allocate resources strategically to fortify your defenses against the oncoming onslaught.

Survive The Night

As darkness falls, brace yourself for heart-pounding combat against hordes of formidable monsters. Stay vigilant and adapt your strategies to overcome each night’s unique challenges.

Survive The Night

Plan, coordinate, and execute strategies with your team to maximize your chances of survival. Communication and teamwork are key to overcoming the odds and emerging victorious.

Survive The Night

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