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Legacy wizard: Endless survival

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Legacy wizard: endless survival (by shved)

This is the first survival rogue-lite game with the ability to switch between characters and a wide range of customization options for abilities. Level up the characters in your team, collect a deck of abilities and go into battle! It’s up to you to decide whether it’s an explosive team, a powerful build of chain reactions, or something else.

In the game you find:
– A huge number of level-up abilities
– Variety of characters with their special features
– Thrilling boss battles
– RPG-style character levelling
– Customization of your ability deck
– Amazing 3D graphics
– Cool rewards
– Unique equipment
– Constantly added game modes
– Active players’ community

Legacy wizard: Endless survival

Create your unique team with diverse characters!
Wise wizards!
Mysterious living mechanisms!
Amazing magical creatures!

Explore new locations and destroy enemies!
Level up the characters’ abilities and create a team of brave adventurers!
Win bosses and get your rewards!

Legacy wizard: Endless survival

Use the resources you get from battles to level up your magical castle!
The Tower of Magic opens up new opportunities for levelling up and using new combat spells!

Create your deck of abilities that your characters will use in battles!
With a vast and frequently updated database of ancient spells, you can realize your fantasies by creating spectacular combinations that can destroy crowds of opponents!

Legacy wizard: Endless survival

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