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FairyTale Quest

Official Launch – EN + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of FairyTale Quest (by GameHatch)

Welcome, all adventurers!

You must venture across the entire world to prove yourselves as the greatest adventurers.

FairyTale Quest

Adventures come with their fair share of risks.
Constantly, foes will gather and put you in peril!

FairyTale Quest

Defeat the oncoming enemies to acquire and enhance new abilities!
Strengthen your abilities to be reborn with overwhelming strength!
Combine these abilities to boldly break through the enemy’s onslaught!

FairyTale Quest

But remember, adventures are always full of challenges.
If your strength falters, start your adventure anew.
Adventurers must always carry ambition!

Game Features:
You can defeat the constantly gathering enemies as you explore the world.
Experience a variety of challenges through different mechanics in each region.
Defeat enemies and gain abilities to become stronger.
Combine abilities to acquire incredibly powerful awakening abilities

FairyTale Quest

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