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Mutation Wars:Idle RPG

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mutation Wars:Idle RPG (by MTGamePublish)

The meteorite fell into the Kenyan savannah, and organisms began to mutate. AI itself rapidly evolved, and dead humans continued to revive. They established their own civilization at the place where the meteorite fell, named the Land of Chaos, and engaged in confrontation with humanity.

Mutation Wars:Idle RPG

How to Play
-Grow and upgrade your main hero to battle and gain victory!
-Draw and win more various cards heroes to fight side!
-unlocked more novel dungeon gameplay!
-Get multi-level hero recruitment!

Mutation Wars:Idle RPG

Game features
-100+heroes are available to choose and upgrade experience
-Competitive battle and more dungeon adventures are waiting for you to fight
-Grow and cultivate your main hero and play with your friends
-More map scenes and Boss will be unlocked!

Mutation Wars:Idle RPG

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