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Witcher M: Dark Fable

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 위쳐M: 어둠의 우화 (by KODA GAME)

Game Introduction
Dark fantasy hunting MMORPG
In a world of chaos and monsters, the long-lost demon hunter organization has reappeared. They did not stop slaughtering with powerful bodies and mysterious weapons.
But now… who judges good and evil…

위쳐M: 어둠의 우화

Creative transformation mode
Transformation mode, which can be changed at will, gains stronger stamina, faster speed, and higher combat power after transformation. Transform into a god and experience a variety of battles in so many different ways that 1 second decides victory or defeat!

위쳐M: 어둠의 우화

Various occupations and rare equipment
Randomly select a variety of occupations and equipment to become a great demon hunter regardless of archer, mage, swordsman, giant sword, or assassin, and experience the pleasure of a cool blow by defeating enemies with your own job skills and rare weapons.

위쳐M: 어둠의 우화

Burdenless high-speed training experience
Fast development and automatic battle system for modern people who are short of time allows you to easily earn offline profits even offline, helping you to develop characters and level up quickly and easily.

위쳐M: 어둠의 우화

Super high equipment drop rate
Steal the treasure from the vast map! There are many types of monsters lurking on the new map, and if you defeat them, you can experience the stimulation of dropping ultra-rare equipment and materials and claiming them as your own in an instant.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

위쳐M: 어둠의 우화

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