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Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG – Global

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG (by gameberry studio (Idle RPG, Simulation)

Bloody fight begins! A friend, who fell under the power of the devil, betrayed his comrades, and became a devil himself!
An exciting action game in which you have to gather the strongest team to annihilate monsters and take revenge on the betrayer!

Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG

The army of the great evil Belial is taking over Ionia.
The main character, Rigrit, fights to free the continent from evil forces.

Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG

In the battle, Rigrit meets the legendary warlord Caria and becomes the eighth member of the seven heroes team “Nahavz”.
In the final combat, the allied forces defeat the great evil Belial, while Caria, falling under the demonic power of Belial, betrays Rigrit and his comrades.

All of Nahavz’s hero’s are imprisoned. Rigrit is thrown into the depths of the sea to die. Some time later, an unknown man washed ashore south of Ionia…

Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG

– Defeat enemies with over 60 unique and powerful companions.
– Collect the best heroes and build an unbeatable team.
– Unlock more abilities by combining high-class companions.
– Fight stronger! Demonstrate the slashing power by linking team skills.
– Command on the battlefield and participate in strategic combats.
– Learn the exciting stories of Nahavz’s heroes in every episode.

Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG

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