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Death Crow : idle

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Death Crow : idle (by 무지개토끼)

“Due to war, famine, and abnormal climate, the number of dead on Earth increases, and Souls that have not been guided in a timely manner decay after their expiration.
Intern Reaper CROW gets assigned to the ‘Soul Purification Project TF’, tasked with cleansing these decaying souls…”

The story of new employee Crow!
Unleash spectacular skills to wipe out corrupt souls in one blow
and level up your stats to become the top employee!

Death Crow : idle

Make strategic choices!
Mix and match various skills to suit the situation,
Create your unique strategy!

Make Office Life Fun! Efficiently!
Party like it’s Payday! Achieve daily rewards!
Even after logging off, your growth continues with an offline reward system!

Death Crow : idle

No more repetitive tasks! Dive into Diverse Content!
Titles: Mission-based growth system
Promotions: From rookie to CEO! Intuitive promotion system
Awakening Stone Dungeon: Obtain awakening stones for equipment and skill
Skill Enhancement Stone Dungeon: Obtain enhancement stones for skill
Weapon Enhancement Stone Dungeon: Obtain enhancement stones for weapon
Accessory Enhancement Stone Dungeon: Obtain enhancements stones for accessory
Pet Dungeon: Acquiring and leveling up pets

Death Crow : idle

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