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Divine Consciousness Sequence

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of 神識序列 (by WYGame)

Languages: Chinese

Divine Consciousness Sequence is a card RPG game. After settling in the consciousness terminal node, you can obtain heroes with different heritages by drawing cards and summoning them. You can fight side by side with them, take risks together to clean up pollution sources, defeat the evil group headed by Sifan, and protect our little world. You need to cultivate these hero cards all the time, because as you go deeper into the core of pollution, the mutated monsters will become stronger and stronger. When venturing in the doomsday world, it is not enough for the heroes to be too weak. When necessary, remember to use your own abilities to draw cards and summon them. This will not only recruit stronger heroes, but also greatly improve the strength of existing hero cards.

Divine Consciousness Sequence

There are three thousand fruits on the Jamfu tree, and each fruit breeds a small world that nurtures countless people. But a man named Sifan, in order to become stronger, convened a large group of high-level inheritors, obtained the fruit core by polluting the fruit world, and destroyed countless small worlds. The core transmitter of our world was also taken away today. Consciousness bodies coming from afar, please help us to stop this demon and save the apocalyptic world!


How to play:
1. Draw powerful inheritance heroes:
Through the fusion plug-in, you can summon powerful heritage hero cards and join the team to fight side by side!
2. Cultivate heroes and enhance combat power:
You need to continue to improve the combat power of your team’s heroes, upgrade, upgrade stars, and equip them. This will make you feel more comfortable when challenging increasingly powerful pollution sources and reduce the difficulty of survival in the adventure.
3. Match with a powerful team:
Each hero has its own special abilities and areas of expertise. As a terminal of consciousness, you must understand the abilities of each card in order to form the strongest team and easily defeat the enemy with less energy!
4. Strengthening of urban areas:
The military industry in the central city is very strong. As long as we insist on cleaning up polluted nodes, we can release more military industry facilities, provide strong support for heroes, and help the world’s residents survive in the apocalypse!


Game features:
1. Collection:
There are so many hero cards of different rarities and personalities waiting for you to collect! Enjoy collecting. In addition to drawing cards in the game, you can also obtain hero fragments from other gameplay methods in the game, which can be exchanged to synthesize complete heroes.
2. Multiple challenge modes:
Unlike relatively safe urban areas, suburbs are more in line with the description of “apocalypse”, with dangers lurking everywhere, but also opportunities. By taking adventures in the suburbs, you can get a lot of card training resources. The suburbs are a good place to quickly improve your strength.
3. Super multi-stage welfare rewards:
Whenever you successfully clean up a certain number of pollution sources and complete certain specific tasks, there will be different prizes waiting for you to receive. Remember to use these rewards to arm your heroes!!

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