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The description of Driftopia (by Lungfish Game Studio)


In the Sea Year 306, the territories of 25 island nations on Earth were engulfed by surging sea levels.

Nearly thirty million people lost their homelands, thrust into the ranks of climate refugees. Just as these disoriented refugees grappled with their fate, a colossal millennia-spanning endeavor, the “Neptune ,” extended its hand of assistance. In the initial stage of this monumental project, a fleet of “Kiwi” airships, collectively known as the “Kiwi ,” was launched into the cosmic abyss on the inaugural day of the Sea Year.


Laden with the genetic essence of Earth’s flora and fauna, these vessels aimed to lay the foundation on the distant, watery exoplanet. The eagerly-awaited second phase, meticulously devised, aimed to deploy a myriad of “Neptune” crewed spacecraft, dubbed the “Neptune,” to the aquatic world.


As a result, following thorough selection, the first cohort of several thousand young pioneers, bearing the aspirations of climate refugees’ survival and humanity’s dreams of exploring the stars, undertook rigorous trials and embarked on a stellar journey.


They ventured onto the uncharted path of cosmic drift, preserving the essence of human heritage amid the enigmatic tapestry of an alien star system.

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