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Fantasium: Fantasy Aquarium

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Fantasium: Fantasy Aquarium (by G4ME STUDIO)

Fantasium is a fantasy farm game in a mythical Aquarium

Plant and harvest with Pinky the Jellyfish
Breed and raise new types of fish
Awesome rewards for delivery orders from many characters like King, Silverbeard, Blue Dolphin and more
Catch sea bugs with your fish
Engage in strategic gardening battles in the Arena ⚔
️Compete and show your best gardening skills in the Arena

In the 22nd century, the Earth is heavily polluted. The air is polluted, the earth is arid, no living thing can grow, people manage to survive with limited resources, and the Earth is on the brink of collapse.

Fantasium: Fantasy Aquarium

At this time, people spread a rumor that at the bottom of the sea there is a kingdom similar to the Earth with life on it. You, desperate and fed up with the current polluted environment, once swam to the sea, thinking about this myth, and also looking for some fresh air left on Earth.

Suddenly you feel a stormy sea as you swim in the middle of the sea. A giant black shark appears, bares its fangs at you, hits the ship, pulls your rod, makes you sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Fantasium: Fantasy Aquarium

Luckily, a man who calls himself the Wizard saves your life. He is a village elder in Fantasium, an underwater kingdom. Here the Wizard tells you about life in the sea and introduces you to other inhabitants of the ocean, opening up a new journey for you…

Fantasium: Fantasy Aquarium
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