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Hungry Fish

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Hungry Fish (by Kunpo)

The classic yet innovative game, Hungry Fish, is here!
In the vast ocean, billions of marine creatures each have unique survival rules.
You will strive for a place in the ocean by controlling these fish.

Hungry Fish

You might control a hungry shark, a ferocious killer whale, a seahorse, or a hermit crab.
But as long as you understand their survival rules, you will become the king of this sea area and score the highest points.

Hungry Fish

In addition to the marine life distributed around the world for you to choose from, you will encounter novel situations in each sea area.
For instance, ever-changing deep-sea treasures, dangerous abyss, or even prehistoric creatures such as Mosasaur, Anomalocaris, and Placodermi.
But that’s not all this game has to offer.

Hungry Fish

When you collect a fish, you can unlock a fish encyclopedia, which contains knowledge about marine life.
Surely, you won’t want to miss any interesting creatures!

Available: Google Play – US, TW

Hungry Fish

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