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Idol Planet – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Idol Planet (by Sunbeesoft Co., Ltd.)

K-pop stars Asian culture have garnered a lot of attention across the globe.
Compared to the global popularity and attention, there are only a few games under the theme of K-pop idols.

Most of them are only limited to rhythm games, cinematic dramas based on stories, visual novels as well as Collectible Card Game (CCG) with rhythmic stories.

Then, why do we focus on K-pop? Because their performances and systematic training courses are nothing to compare.

In fact, the rise of K-pop as a new global music genre comes from their iconic performances on stage.

Idol Planet

If K-pop stars are born again with game graphics, their dynamic dance performances will catch your eye.

K-pop idol training courses are so systematic that it fits well with our simulation game.

Our game will definitely offer authentic and unique experiences to all game players.

Idol Planet

Train your idols just like the real idol entertainment agencies do!
Produce your own idols in the way the real idols are produced!

Be a producer, recruit and train trainees, and manage the agency as a business executive!

Expand your company internationally with your management strategy and produce a million-selling artist!

Idol Planet

Various training programs to grow your trainees into the global superstars!

Schedule management, vocal training, dance training, and acting training to upgrade their talent and charms!

Make them popular stars who perform not only in concert, but also various broadcasting programs such as movie, drama, musical, and mukbang!

Other than training, there are many things need to be done for your successful idol producing and agency management.

Idol Planet

Make an album, create a streaming channel for gaming/restaurant reviews/cooking, manage the merchandise store (pop up shop),
do the promotion test and fandom quest to complete the missions
and raise the affinity of the idols while gaining the stockholder’s trust!

Idol Planet
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