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Immortal Wars: Battler RPG

Soft Launch – Added a number of countries + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Immortal Wars: Battler RPG (by SKYBULL)

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Immerse yourself in the enchanted universe of “Immortal Wars: Battler RPG,” the Idle RPG Fantasy game where legendary battles and mythical tales unfold at every corner. Whether you’re an auto-battler aficionado or a valiant PvP arena warrior, a captivating journey through a post-apocalyptic multiverse awaits.

Immortal Wars: Battler RPG

Here’s a taste of the grand adventure that awaits in Immortal Wars: Battler RPG:

Immortal Wars: Battler RPG

Idle RPG Fun: Dive into a game that melds idle mechanics with rich RPG elements, tailored for both casual gamers and hardcore tacticians.
Epic Heroes: Assemble a team of mighty champions, each boasting unique powers and lore.
Fantasy Adventure: Explore a narrative-rich fantasy realm set amidst a post-apocalyptic multiverse teeming with demons, robots, time-travelers, and alternate earth realms.
Multiplayer Wars: Unite with allies or challenge players globally in thrilling multiplayer wars.
PvP Arena: Prove your mettle in a cutthroat PvP arena, where only the strategic will rise to glory.
Guild Alliances: Your guild is your fortress. Forge alliances, share skills, and venture into the unknown together.
Boss Battles: Pit your wits against colossal bosses in strategic battles that will keep you on the edge.
Battle Arena: Compete in diverse battle arenas, confronting unique foes and challenges.
Summon Heroes: Awaken legendary heroes from slumber and command them in the battle for dominion.
Auto Battler Mode: Set your heroes on auto-battle mode, and watch them continue your legacy even while you’re away.

Immortal Wars: Battler RPG
Immortal Wars: Battler RPG

The quest for the multiverse’s salvation has begun! Are you prepared to carve your name in the annals of immortality? Download “Immortal Wars: Battler RPG” now, and embark on an enthralling quest filled with epic battles, mighty champions, and gripping lore. Join the fight, summon your heroes, and etch your legend in a realm where fantasy and adventure collide.

Available: Google Play – IN, RU, AU, CA, BR, etc…

Immortal Wars: Battler RPG

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