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Keroro M

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 케로로M (by raiwonsoftKR)

“I am Sergeant Keroro, the special selection unit for the Keron Stars!”

In order to collect information for the purpose of conquering the furry stars
Sergeant Keroro, who came to visit Blue Star! And his platoon members!

A shooting action by the troublesome frogs!
Now enjoy as a mobile game!

“The Keroro platoon is fully dispatched! It is!”

Keroro Platoon implemented as it is in the original
Sergeant Keroro the frog who came from Keron!
Meet the characters that embody the original!


Exciting real-time battles
Battle with opponents on the real-time battlefield!
Feel the splendid shooting action unfolding in the palm of your hand!


Various weapons full of personality
Hundreds of unique weapons!
Complete your own weapon combinations to win the battle!


Decorate your own cute frog
Various costumes from the original and beyond!
Customize your own frog character to your heart’s content!


Keroro M’s exclusive non-stop content
A variety of content that unfolds without a break!
Experience a variety of content from solo exhibitions, deathmatches, and survival!

Official website


Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

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