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Kingdom: The Blood

Official Launch – Global + APK | Gift Code

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The description of Kingdom: The Blood (by YJM Games)

KINGDOM: The Blood Official Launch on March, 5th!
Get ready for an action-packed RPG set in a zombie-plagued Joseon era.

We invite you to the world of Kingdom: The Blood!

Infectious disease outbreak leads to a zombie overrun in Joseon!

KINGDOM: The Blood – an action game inspired by the acclaimed hit series – invites you to experience intense battles in a zombie-infested Joseon Korea’s last royal dynasty.

Beautiful Traditional Korean Elements
The game beautifully incorporates traditional Korean outfits and architectural styles.

Kingdom: The Blood

Admire the details in character movements,
the variety of traditional outfits,
and stunning traditional architecture.

Kingdom: The Blood

Thrilling Zombie Combat
Zombies will surprise you, attacking from every direction. When they swarm, it’s better to flee than fight. It is crucial to avoid their devastating bites.

Kingdom: The Blood

Diverse Special Attack Patterns
Beyond zombies, encounter enemies with unique movements and attack patterns. Feel the rush of exhilarating hand-to-hand combat, intensifying as you progress through increasingly challenging levels.

Kingdom: The Blood

Exhilarating Control-based Action
Experience action like never before, powered by Unreal Engine. Manual controls deliver a thrilling sensation with impactful strikes. Mix and match skills to define your unique action style.

Kingdom: The Blood

Variety of Battle Modes, From Multiplayer to PVP
Challenge your skills in PvP or unite with others to take down intimidating bosses. Training sessions offer additional rewards, fostering growth with each encounter.

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Kingdom: The Blood

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