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Legend of hunters – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Legend of hunters (by Wingjoy Games)

Story Series
The “mime” content experienced by the players of the previous game, as well as some stories and characters hidden in the corners, are reflected in this game.
Added dialogue plot and task system.
The main task will be the main task, and a brand-new story of a brave man embarking on an adventure will be carried out.

Legend of hunters - Official iOS

Character Appearance
Players no longer view the world in first person! Players can now see the appearance of their character and the equipment they wear.
Correspondingly, while the appearance of the equipment can be worn on the body, there should also be a [transformation] system, right?

Legend of hunters - Official iOS

Equipment can be matched freely, and various genres can be matched through the different skills of each piece of equipment.
The formation threshold is low, the difficulty of obtaining equipment is extremely simple, and powerful dark gold equipment may burst out at any time.
Optimized affix system, many affix collocations are waiting for players to swipe, and burst out the equipment that suits them.

Legend of hunters - Official iOS

Core battle
The same combat mode as the previous game, but a series of drastic modifications have been made on the basis of the previous game.
The actions of players and monsters are now confirmed by a visible action bar. When the action bar is full, it will automatically attack normally.
Added a new category of “general attack skills”. According to different effects, this type of skill will be triggered when the general attack attacks, and it comes with many special effects.

Legend of hunters - Official iOS

Super job transfer
Modifications have been made on the basis of the previous single character single skill tree.
In the process of upgrading, players can change jobs! Every time you change jobs, you can learn more different skills!

Legend of hunters - Official iOS

Original Rune Words
On ordinary quality equipment, after a certain combination of inlaid runes is completed, this equipment can obtain a lot of rune language attributes! White equipment is not necessarily inferior to dark gold equipment.

Legend of hunters - Official iOS

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