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Legend of Kingdom

Soft Launch – Global + APK | Gift Codes

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Legend of Kingdom (by SUPERJOY Inc.)


Coupon Details
LEGENDOFKINGDOMLIVE (Bunny Girl Costume Set, Equipment Summon Ticket x30, Skill Summon Ticket x30, Hero Summon Ticket x30, Adventure Key x200)
SUPERJOYLOK (Gem x30,000, Adventure Key x100, Adventure Ticket x20)
GRANBELLPRINCESS (Gem x6,000, Gift Chest [D to B-Grade] x20)

Princess x Demon King! Two heroes joined hands to defeat the fake demon king!
Adventure x Manor! Complete your adventure with exciting action and nurture your legion with your own territory!


A demon king inside the body of a tomboyish princess?
The princess and the devil join hands and jump into an adventure to obtain the holy sword.
Exciting adventures and stories!


Enjoy your own skill combinations and stylish battles!
Challenge the powerful demon army and the world boss
Let’s become the best gladiator with various heroes in the arena!


Awarded an honorable title for the merits of the adventure
Let’s manage your own territory and expand your territory with the demon king’s subjugation!
Study siege weapons and defense facilities, and participate in siege warfare!


Establish a guild with trustworthy lords
Raise the name of the guild by performing guild missions!

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