MIR M : Vanguard & Vagabond

Official Launch(KR) – Open Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of 미르M (by Wemade Co., Ltd)

Which legend do you want to be remembered for?

Vanguard to be at the forefront of battle, Tramp to write adventure history
A legendary song that will sound in the era of war and adventure!

Introduction to the game

The circle of essence and possession. Specialized system of new growth “Mandala”
Will you follow the path of a hero who dominates the battlefield with powerful fighting power?
Will you follow the path of an artisan who will rise to the highest level of production, crafting and enhancement?
A two-pronged “mandala” to become a legend that everyone can get to, but no one can get to.

The path I choose will become a legend for others!

미르M : 뱅가드 앤 배가본드

Modern restoration of the classic Grid Gaming battles
The character’s movement and attack are based on an 8-direction grid.
And even a quarter view, where you can see the whole situation at a glance!
Dominate compatibility between activities, distance, direction, and surrounding features

A battlefield where every step is a winning strategy to destroy the enemy.

미르M : 뱅가드 앤 배가본드

Key to Economic and Power Struggle “Battle to Occupy Bigok”
The most important material for growth and the main resource of the Mundane Continent, “Heuk Iron”.
Violent clash between clans around Bigok, the only mining site, “Battle to Occupy Bigok”.

Who will have the huge economic interest by taxing all the black iron mined in Bigok?
Whoever defeats the bigok will finally become the lord of the dark iron!

미르M : 뱅가드 앤 배가본드

The era of wars and adventures. Mine and Our Munpa
My strength will soon become the growth of the family,
Clan growth is the cornerstone for me to become stronger soon!

미르M : 뱅가드 앤 배가본드

The “Sura Wars”, in which individual strength is competed for, and the “Munpa Wars”, which prove the strength of the clan,
And up to the “siege war”, the pinnacle of the war for gaining absolute power on the Mir continent!

Our choice becomes our path, and our path becomes a legend.

Available: Google Play / App Store – Korea

Official website https://www.mirm.co.kr/#firstPage

미르M : 뱅가드 앤 배가본드

Created by ©PalmassGames

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