MIR M : Vanguard & Vagabond NFT/P2E

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The description of MIR M (by Wemade Co., Ltd)

MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond

The combination of a well-made game with depth, and also the official sequel to MIR4, MMORPG MIR M is coming to the global market in 2022.

MIR M faithfully subscribes to the structures of traditional MMORPGs with input from artwork, quarter-view (isometric), and 8-way directional grid movement of the MIR IP, and actively adopts well-built game contents from MIR 4. Added to this comprehensive foundation are contents and systems unique to MIR M, to create a version of the great Mir continent unique to this game.

The early game starts with “Avatars” that change both your looks and stats, and “Companions” and “Mounts” that accompany you in war and adventure, and leads to the mid game with “Mandala” where you pave your own path to growth; practicing your Profession to become an “Artisan”; and with “Clans” where you can fight your own battle with like-minded players. The end game is defined by wars, with “Hidden Valley Capture” and “Castle Siege”, where the best clan wins. Every moment of your gameplay experience in MIR M will be filled with plenty of exciting new things to enjoy.

The Age of War and Adventure, Vanguard and Vagabond

In the world of MIR M, power is not the only criteria for which the value of growth is evaluated.

You can walk the path of the hero, where you rule over the field of battle with a great power score, or you can walk the path of the Artisan, where you hone your craft to reach the highest level. Whichever path of growth you take is solely up to you, and the result of your choice will all be recognized as a meaningful one.

There is no one set path. What kind of path will you pave?

MIR M : Vanguard & Vagabond

Mandala, Where You Pave Your Own Path

Mandala is a new specialized growth system for MIR M. With the two categories of Combat and Profession, Mandalas are composed of numerous Spot Points with different stats each. By connecting the Spot Points and activating stats whichever way you want, you can make your character unique.

The Mandala, an endless array of choices and the way in which you prove yourself.

MIR M : Vanguard & Vagabond

World Rumble Battles and Clan Battles, Going Beyond Servers

With the battle contents of Rumble Battle and Clan Battle, the strength of characters and clans can be tested within Worlds, which consist of 8 servers each.

Characters that have honed their powers in various methods of growth can fight against other characters in ‘Rumble Battles’; they can also join a clan to fight with their clan members in ‘Clan Battles’ to prove their strength.

Will you jump into the challenges to prove the most powerful one, and the most powerful clan, in the continent of Mir?

MIR M : Vanguard & Vagabond

Artisan & Street Stalls, Practice a Profession and Become a Virtuoso to Cultivate Wealth

Artisan is a growth system unique to MIR M that plays a key role in the in-game economy, in which users must complete various contents from gathering and mining ingredients to obtaining a Profession and spending time and effort on reaching the ranks of the Virtuoso.

And the Street Stall, another part of the economy that begins from the Artisan, also offers opportunities to grow by showing off your own Profession, or by visiting and making a request at a Street Stall with high Profession levels.

There’s more than one way to become the best.

MIR M : Vanguard & Vagabond

Hidden Valley Capture, the Core of the Fight for Power and Wealth

From the onset of MIR4, Darksteel has been essential for growth, as well as the core resource on the Mir continent.

Darksteel can only be mined in a Hidden Valley. The most powerful clans in each server clash in fierce battles over ownership of each Hidden Valley. They fight for the invaluable right of the Darksteel Tax, which can only be applied to a Hidden Valley. Because of this, Hidden Valley Capture is both an axis of Governance in MIR M, and the start of war in MIR M.

MIR M : Vanguard & Vagabond
MIR M : Vanguard & Vagabond

Official website https://mirmglobal.com/preregistration

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/MIRMGB

Medium https://medium.com/@MirM.Global_Official

MIR M : Vanguard & Vagabond

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