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Okuz Treasure Hunters Alliance

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 奧庫茲探寶者聯盟 (by Edison.Fang)

About the game
“Okuz Treasure Hunters Alliance” is a fantasy-themed treasure hunt RPG. Dungeon exploration, organ puzzle solving, challenging ferocious enemies, collecting all kinds of rare treasures, hiring companions with different abilities to train them to assist in the adventure, obtain all kinds of powerful weapons and equipment, and build an invincible treasure hunt dream team.


After the warrior Allen defeated the Abyss Demon King, the Okuz Continent did not return to peace as expected, but the Demon King was only temporarily sealed and not completely eliminated. The monsters are still invading the weak all over the continent. People. The warrior Alan decided to go back to the road and continue to explore all over the continent, so as to find a real solution to eliminate the abyss demon king, and what kind of new adventure story awaits our hero ahead…


Game Features
Randomly generated hero images based on Rougelike elements, with more than hundreds of thousands of hero combinations!
6 kinds of hero career choices with different characteristics, as well as a variety of career transfer routes.
Real-time multipart replacement system, and rich random equipment attributes!
Daily Adventures Encounter various random adventure events and solve them.
Level up your heroes and keep making them stronger through various cultivations.
Challenge stronger enemies by teaming up with other players to earn great rewards.
Test your team’s strength in Ladder and Ranked PVP and beat other players to reach the top.
Choose from hundreds of random combinations of hero professional skills to form your desired battle and adventure team.

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