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Ranger Quest

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Ranger Quest (by Slakkedis Studio)

Inspired by old-school Game Design principles, Ranger Quest can be played to completion without ever being forced to watch an ad and contains no in-app purchases.

The addictive convergence of Role-Playing and Idle Defense Games, Ranger Quest is a Roguelite Game unlike any you’ve played before.

Gain Influence to unlock mighty Heroes with diverse Skills and Passive Traits, Level them up to 80 and Craft powerful Weapons at the Forge!

Defeat Bosses and Unlock New Worlds!

Ranger Quest

Become a Legendary Hero!

Watch your Hero evolve from a simple woodland hunter into a formidable Ranger! Incrementally Upgrade your Hero and Gain Experience to Level them up Permanently!

Ranger Quest

Collect Them All!

Enter a world of diverse playstyles as you use your Influence to unlock new Heroes with new Skills and Passive Traits of their own!

Play as Arah Dune the Woodland Ranger, Zardin the Stormcaller, Maliqa the Royal Toxolecary, or Jaari the Dwarven Berserker- with ever more heroes on the horizon coming soon!

Ranger Quest

Battle Day and Night!

Defend against an endless Horde with Enemies advancing upon you in differing Day and Night varieties. How long will you last before being taken by the swarm, and do you have what it takes to defeat their fearsome Bosses?

Ranger Quest

Craft Epic Weapons!

Visit The Forge to Craft powerful Weapons that Bounce, Chain, Split, Nova, Fork, Pierce and Multishot, and find truly insane combinations of Hero and Weapon! Perfect your crafted weapons by Alteration or Enchantment, and Hone them into mythical Relics!

Unlock New Worlds! (Coming Soon)

Once you have cleansed the Glades of Goblins, travel to distant realms with entirely new enemies and strategies required! We are always working on new worlds and heroes to expand the content in Ranger Quest, so check back soon for new updates!

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