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Reverse Master:Tower Heroes

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The description of Reverse Master:Tower Heroes (by Beavergame)

Cube World
A magical world full of collisions and eliminations.
There are all kinds of creatures in the block world, which form kingdoms large and small, from time to time
The irregular blocks that fall are eliminated in rows one after another, thus transforming into energy and returning to heaven and earth, which is the basic rule of the block world.

Reverse Master:逆轉大師

Cube Wars
Only one of every kingdom, large and small, can ascend to the throne and become the strongest. Torrent Canyon becomes a battle arena between all the kingdoms in the block world, competing for a chance to win in the block battlefield to ascend to the strongest throne.

Reverse Master:逆轉大師

The rules of the battlefield are simple:
The two kingdoms of the battlefield will carry the blocks carrying soldiers down the river, slowly change the shape of the blocks through the river, control the fall, use the world rules of elimination to eliminate the blocks, drop the soldiers to the battlefield to fight, and those who capture the opponent’s castle win.
You can also use magic to control the situation and influence the final outcome of the battle.
How to master a more reasonable formation, eliminate blocks faster and more efficiently, and use magic more effectively becomes the key to victory! Grab more victory trophies, ascend to the strongest throne and become the strongest kingdom in the cube world!

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