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Rush Idle: Tower Defense

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rush Idle: Tower Defense (by Mortal Bullet)

RushIdle is a idle tower defense game where you need to arrange the positions of your battle companions to fully unleash their different battle styles in order to better defend your homeland. At the same time, don’t forget to arm and upgrade your battle companions to enhance their combat power.

Rush Idle: Tower Defense
Rush Idle: Tower Defense

How to play:
1. Draw heroes: Randomly draw heroes from the card pool to join your team and become your partners to defend your homeland together.
2. Increase combat power: You need to continuously enhance the overall strength of your team, upgrade heroes to cope with the ongoing invasion of increasingly powerful monsters.
3. Developing battle strategy: You need to have agile thinking and create a meticulous plan, as a poor strategy can lead to defense failure. As the battle progresses, you may need to constantly optimize your strategy!

Rush Idle: Tower Defense
Rush Idle: Tower Defense

Game features:
1. Collection and cultivation : Dozens of soldiers, accessories,  and monsters, make your trip unpredictable. Experience the happiness of collecting soldiers and cultivating them. Take it easy, in addition to the main storyline levels, you can also obtain resources for training soldiers through other gameplay modes.
2. Various gameplay: Surprisingly, In Rushidle, there are several extended gameplays to bring you a fresh gaming experience and enrich your adventure.
3. Collect treasure chests: While resisting monsters and defending your homeland, don’t forget to collect various treasure chests dropped by monsters. They often contain unexpected surprises.
4. Auto-battle You can give orders to the soldiers to automatically start level battles for a certain period of time. During this time, don’t forget to upgrade the soldiers to enhance their combat power. If this leads to a failure in battle, it would not be worth it!
5. Offline earnings When you have to temporarily leave the village due to other matters that need your attention, your soldiers will continue to defend your homeland and eliminate invading monsters. When you come back, you can directly collect the resources dropped by these monsters.

Rush Idle: Tower Defense

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