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Sea of Survival

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Sea of Survival (by Make Time More Interesting Network Limited)

Embark on your “Sea of Survival” from a diminutive raft; every choice you make, be it scouring for debris or navigating toward the uncharted, will thrust you towards your destiny as the supreme overlord of the waves. But beware – lurking beneath the waves are the elusive threats of shark-infested waters and colossal waves that could redefine your destiny.

Will you succumb to the ocean’s relentless challenges, or will you rise above, constructing a majestic ship that echoes with the spirit of exploration?

Game Features

– Survive on the Raft
Your ordeal begins on a fragile lifeline—the raft. Every plank you retrieve, every scrap you fish out of the water, brings you another day away from the jaws of the deep. Will you survive, or will you thrive against the relentless tides?

Sea of Survival

– Build a Larger Vessel
As the horizon beckons and your aspirations grow, so too must your vessel. Upgrade your humble abode with additional levels, reinforced structures, and advanced amenities. Your ship is not just a means of survival, but a statement of ambition on the seas.

Sea of Survival

– Develop your islands
Gather resources, cultivate the land, and build your haven amidst the waves. Create a sustainable ecosystem, where every seed planted and every structure erected marks the growth of your maritime kingdom.

Sea of Survival

– Head to Unknown Waters
What mysteries lie beyond the sea mist? Forge ahead and let your curiosity lead you to uncharted regions of the map. Each venture into these obscure waters could yield untold rewards, or unforeseen dangers.

Sea of Survival

– Conquer the Sea
Extend your domain through strategic conquests; seize resources, overrun enemy territories, and hoist your flag on every island that falls under your rule. Only the shrewdest and most steadfast will become sovereign of the seas.

Sea of Survival

Available: Google Play – MX, PH

Sea of Survival


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