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Secret Arena: RPG and Strategy

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: Russian, English

The description of Secret Arena: RPG and Strategy (by Vladimir Galanov)

Secret Arena is a free tactical online RPG strategy with moba elements in a fantasy setting.

The kingdom of Vladgalia prospered until the evil sorcerers captured it. To prevent them, the heroes train in secret arenas.

Assemble and lead your squad to save Vladgalia!

Secret Arena: RPG and Strategy

Online game features:
Online fantasy pvp games
Magic and unique moba skills
Idle mechanics and auto attack
Each player has his own tactics and strategy
Flexible pumping, you can change skills not only at lvl up, but also before or after any battle

Heroes, the Arena is calling! There are online battles in which a mage, a knight and an archer participate.
Each of them has its own unique characteristics. They can be changed at any time, creating a truly unique squad!

Secret Arena: RPG and Strategy


Slender and tall, like a wood elf. Agile and fast as a peregrine falcon. Fighting him 1v1 is a real action. His bow and arrow will end many battles before they even begin. His moba skill is to shoot 3 arrows at once at random heroes.

Massive and ferocious – a real medieval knight. His main trump cards are health pumping, a sword and a mob skill that intimidates opponents. Not the most deadly warrior. However, he is a true hero of his squad.

Mysterious and unhurried, as befits a sorcerer. Due to frail health, it seems that he is not the best warrior. However, a fight with him leaves little chance. Impressive spell damage, magic and his moba skill will not leave anyone indifferent. His strategy and tactics are not action, but magic.

Secret Arena: RPG and Strategy

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