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Vintage Town: Tycoon

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A game that takes you back to the past

In order to inherit a enormous fortune, you have accepted a challenge from a mysterious lady! This seemingly ordinary 1950s small town is full of business opportunities! Through clever strategies and skillful management, you will go from running an average hot dog stand to becoming a famous tycoon. Download this game, Vintage Town: Tycoon, and become a business legend!

Vintage Town: Tycoon

Endless fun managing your businesses.

Food Preparation: Get ready to serve a huge number of customers! Prepare classic favorites like hot dogs and burgers according to their orders. Meanwhile, you can upgrade your store and unlock more menu items and facilities to bring in higher profits!

Vintage Town: Tycoon

Shop Management: Don’t assume that your business empire is limited to just a hot dog cart. In addition to that, you can also open fast-food restaurants, factories, and more. Each new location has unique gameplay options waiting for you to discover.

Vintage Town: Tycoon

Collecting and Nurturing Talent: As your business expands, you’ll need more hands on deck! From charming and lively waitresses to skilled fry cooks and enigmatic mafia princesses, these elite talents from the 1950s are waiting for you to hire them! By acquiring more skilled employees, you can boost your store’s profits and establish your own business empire!

Vintage Town: Tycoon

Interior Decoration: Oh, I forgot to mention, but your inheritance also includes a luxurious mansion. You can freely decorate your own home using vintage-inspired furnishings.

What are you waiting for? Open up your business now, your customers can’t wait any longer!


Available: Google Play – US

Vintage Town: Tycoon

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