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Tour of Neverland:Journeys

Soft Launch – European Servers + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Tour of Neverland:Journeys (by OUTSTANDING GAME PTE. LTD.)

📜 Developer Note:

Dear islanders, Tour of Neverland is expending to new territorries TODAY! (Including Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and last but not least Finland) and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Get ready to embark in the Airship on an incredible adventure filled with endless fun and excitement!

South East Asia and North America – Europe are using different servers!

Run your very own farm on a tropical island!
Open up new plots of land, plant crops, construct all sorts of farming facilities, and decorate your cabin just the way you want! Catch fish straight from the ocean or go snorkeling to catch sea creatures. Build a hotel to attract visitors and make fascinating new animal friends! You can even jump in a minecart and explore the depths of the mines in search of priceless treasures!

Tour of Neverland:Journeys
Tour of Neverland:Journeys

– An immersive and exquisite tropical paradise in full 3D with its own unique style
– Unlock over 30 kinds of crops and livestock, hundreds of island decorations and furniture, and tons of outfits and pets
– Farm crops, raise livestock, make food, go fishing, try snorkeling, give gifts to your new animal friends, catch bugs, explore the mines, or run your hotel; the possibilities are endless!
– Visit other players’ islands, trade items in the open market, and board the airship to make new friends!

Tour of Neverland:Journeys
Tour of Neverland:Journeys

We’re a small development team and can’t wait to share our game with you. We hope that you’ll find your time in Tour of Neverland to be both fun and relaxing!

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👇 New – European Servers

Tour of Neverland:Journeys

👇 South East Asia and North America

Tour of Neverland:Journeys

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