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Grandblue SAGA

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Grandblue SAGA (by Scroll Apps)

Sky Adventure Idle RPG!
Gorgeous Art x Full-Character LIVE2D
Free Your Hands and Enjoy the Sky Adventure
Sky Adventure Idle RPG!
Featuring the most stunning art and full-character LIVE2D, experience a Taiwan-made idle fantasy game!
Join us now, free your hands, and embark on a new chapter of sky adventure!

Grandblue SAGA

24/7 Non-stop Relaxing Gameplay
Idle and harvest abundant free resources effortlessly. One-click to play, unlimited rewards, and no more worries about straining your liver.
Unleash dazzling skills with ease, activate auto-combat with one click, win battles effortlessly. Just 10 minutes a day, and you can easily relax while winning!

LIVE2D Sensory Feast
All characters come to life with LIVE2D! Japanese-style art x Live2D x Full-character voice-overs, providing a complete sensory feast.
Exquisite Japanese-style illustrations, featuring charming and adorable characters. Collect your companions and embark on a sky adventure together!

Grandblue SAGA

Infinite Strategies, Build Your Dream Team
Freely assemble your team, choose from various character classes, and create your ultimate male and female dream team.
Utilize flexible tactics and positioning from the start to seize victory, conquer opponents in ever-changing battles, and easily reach the top rank!

Level Sharing, Instant Level Up
Level up with just one click, easily skyrocket your levels by hundreds in a day!
All characters share the same experience, no resources wasted. Fulfill your dream of obtaining max-level characters!

Grandblue SAGA

Meticulously Crafted by Taiwan’s Own Development
Years of meticulous development, a Taiwanese-made idle fantasy.
Join the adventurous journey of Taiwan’s written and self-developed Sky Fantasy!

Available: Google Play – PH, TW, MY, etc…

Grandblue SAGA

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