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Abyssrium The Classic

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Abyssrium The Classic (by Wemade Connect)

“Abyssrium The Classic” will bring you a pleasant and relaxing moment!

An Aquarium in which you can relax yourself!
Are you feeling exhausted from your busy daily life?
Don’t let even games stress you out.
The idle game, “Abyssrium The Classic,” is here to comfort you.
Decorate the tranquil sea, meet adorable animal friends, and enjoy your own aquarium with classical music.

Abyssrium The Classic

Grow Your Own Aquarium
In the idle relaxing game “Abyssrium The Classic,” cultivate your own aquarium.
Decorate with various themed coral costumes and place decorations as you wish to.
Gather cute animal friends to make your aquarium more vibrant.
Wondering how to do all these? Just let it be; all you need is your attention and affection!

Abyssrium The Classic

Tap! Easily Grow with Simple Controls
The idle healing clicker game, “Abyssrium The Classic,” offers the joy of growth with simple controls.
Just tap to accumulate ‘lifes’ automatically.
The flourishing corals and diverse animal friends will fill your aquarium!

Abyssrium The Classic

Interesting Episodes are waiting for you!
There’s all of beloved animal friends from the original “Abyssrium”
Unlock the various episodes one by one, and collect more diverse fish friends.
You can enjoy your aquarium filled with various stories and animals!

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Abyssrium The Classic

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