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Magic Tower Reincarnation

Official Launch (JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 魔塔転生:タフガイへの挑戦状 (by YuanFun Games)

Human original sin was sealed in the “Raith Continent”.
The angel turned away from the deity and joined hands with the devil to build the “Tower of the Abyss” and bring about disaster.
However, humanity was defeated in the holy war 1000 years ago, and it fell.
After 1000 years, you will challenge the tower again as a “Hunter” with the memories of your previous life revived.
The hunt for the fate of the continent begins…


Full-fledged RPG that dives into the world of dark fantasy!
Choose a swordsman or a wizard and become your own “hunter”!
Will you be able to save the world filled with darkness…


Easy one-handed vertical operation! Exhilarating feeling that you can easily get stronger just by leaving it alone!
Not good at complex operations? Easy to play even for beginners!
Commuter rush hour or a break? Enjoy leveling up with one hand!
When are you busy? You can leave it alone or go offline!


Transform with over 1100 unique soul systems!
Defeat the floor boss of the Magic Tower and collect more than 100 types of souls, including angels and demons!
Use that power as your own and transform freely!
Make full use of skill combos that have been kneaded to beat even stronger enemies!


Climb the infinite “Tower of the Abyss” and get infinite gacha chances!
The more you climb the tower, the more gachas you can play!
Enjoy the exhilaration of infinitely spinning gacha!

Added in-game drops for a limited time!
Can you get real prizes and Amagif by challenging during the period? !

The drop rate is the best in the industry!
You can become stronger without paying!
Get the finest rare equipment by defeating bosses!
Many in-game events are also available!
Get the limited “Shin Bakuen Shinryu Set” and gorgeous gifts one after another!

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

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