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Arena Go

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Arena Go

Filled with cute characters, “Combination Action PVP”!!
Find the best deck by combining different characters, weapons, and runes!
Compete against players from around the world using your own, unique deck!

However, be cautious of taking too much time! The Death Zone will slowly creep towards you in time!

Arena Go
Arena Go

Awesome Features of ArenaGO
◇ Tons of various combinations and strategies that can be made and implemented with unique characters and various equipment items!
◇ Play in ranked matches with other players, a fiery battle of wits!
◇ Ranked matches can be played cooperatively with your friends in 3 vs. 3’s!

Arena Go
Arena Go

Try these combinations!
◇ One-Shot Combination Amplify your attack to neutralize your opponent as soon as the match starts.
◇ Tank Combination Heal and endure hits from your opponent to turn the table in the late game by taking advantage of the Death Zone.
◇ Back Stabber Combination Move behind your opponent to deal consistent damage.

The game can be played now for free.
Challenge yourself to reach the ‘Grand Master’ tier at the Arena, a real-time PVP mode!

Arena Go
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