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Aura Kingdom 2 : Evolution – P2E

Official Launch – Global + APK

Soft Launch – Global – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Aura Kingdom 2 : Evolution (by X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.)

Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Unleash Legendary Eidolons, Evolve Your Adventure!
Dive into a vast world and immerse yourself in a new fantasy!
Experience the evolution of an anime fantasy adventure MMO in the massive world of Aura Kingdom, featuring 5 major upgraded systems. Embark on your heroic journey with stunning legendary Eidolons by your side!

Evolutionary Update
New Evolution, Bringing More Exciting Elements!
1. Introducing new Rainbow Crystals to enhance strategic gameplay
2. Optimizing Classes and Talent to make skills easier to master
3. Enjoying a seamless gameplay with the Eidolon Bond feature
4. Strengthening your guild with the addition of Donation, Guild Buildings, and Talent systems
5. Embarking on a new adventure with optimized dungeons: Ruins Abyss, Guild Ship, and Territory War

Relive the Classic Fantasy Gameplay—Enjoy an Anime Adventure MMORPG
Protect the World with Eidolons
Experience captivating story episodes with classic Eidolons in this anime RPG!
Summon your legendary Eidolon companions, setting off on epic adventures together and protecting this stunning fantasy world.

Aura Kingdom 2 : Evolution

Engage in PVP Battles within the Lost Forbidden Land
Be a hero and explore the boundless Lost Forbidden Land!
Experience immersive PVP combat in this anime RPG!
Venture into the unknown and put your skills to the test!

Aura Kingdom 2 : Evolution

Conquer World Bosses Together
Ready yourselves, valiant heroes! World Bosses are about to descend!
Join forces with your allies to battle mighty world bosses!
Become a legend and claim glorious rewards as the ultimate champion of adventures!

Aura Kingdom 2 : Evolution

Flaunt Your Style
Create and customize your hero however you like in this MMO!
Mix and match hundreds of costumes to display your charismatic style and shine in the spotlight!

Aura Kingdom 2 : Evolution

Protect Eternal Love, Design Your Timeline
Walk down the romantic aisle hand in hand!
Tie the knot with the love of your life in this anime game!
Build your own Timeline together and cherish your happily ever after!

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Aura Kingdom 2 : Evolution

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