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The description of あやかし幼稚園 (by Netease Games Global)

Transform into a cute shikigami with your friends in the game and participate in the big kindergarten strategy!
Clear the mission together … and secretly … betrayal! ??

A 3-minute high-speed game experience, easy gameplay anytime, anywhere! Have fun and go back to kindergarten with your friends and family! Laughter doesn’t stop in real-time voice chat!

Legendary youkai such as Ibaraki Doji, Daitengu, and Aoandon! Transform into a cute kindergarten child! Their mission challenge has begun to overcome the challenges of Hakuzosu, the assistant director! But be careful! The team may have a turner (general committee member) sent by the teacher! You are a general kindergarten child! Join hands with everyone to complete the mission and work hard at the trials! Then, the disciplinary committee will use the “magic circle” to disturb the game and “seal” the kindergarten children into paper dolls!
Real-time voice chat, a big brawl with a mixture of kindergarteners and genre committee members!
Let’s go back to kindergarten and do it together!

[Game features]
[Two camps are in conflict! ]
-General kindergarten children
“Measure the height of the three Kamaitachi brothers, don’t move!”
“The vending machine is broken, let’s fix it!”
Experience a fun-filled mission! But don’t let your guard down … because we have a disciplinary committee member who is a teacher! Maybe the guy next to you is a genre committee member! ?? Anyway, avoid dropping out and think about the group’s actions so that you are vigilant!
-Public committee
“The ultimate test of Ayakashi Kindergarten! Can you pass it so easily?”
The disciplinary committee will be confused by the general kindergarten children, and let’s seal it while they are alert. You can move it with magic circles in various places, but when using it, be careful not to get caught in the surroundings!


[Voice chat] Search for the disciplinary committee by voice!
Everyone gathered and started a 120-second audio discussion! Let’s deduce who is a genre committee member while sharing information in real time! Of course it’s okay to chat! After the discussion, vote and drop the shikigami who you think is a member of the genre!


[Detective party] Play detective together!
“The criminal is number 7! Because the place of appearance was just around the magic circle in the paper doll room!” Let’s take a closer look around. There is a traitor lurking somewhere who refuses to do the mission at all. There is a chance that you will encounter a miserable “seal” scene or a turner who occasionally appears from the “magic circle”, but then run away!


[Fast battle prompt decision] You can play anytime, anywhere!
A non-stress game with a quick decision in 3 minutes! You can start and play the game anytime, anywhere, even during meals, waiting for some time, or in your spare time! Matching is established immediately without lag! I just fell in love with the 3-minute reversal play!


[Beginner-friendly] Difficulty can be freely selected!
Various modes such as beginner chat mode, beginner VC mode, intermediate VC mode, Hyakki Yagyo mode, etc. are implemented! Whether you’re a beginner just entering kindergarten or a master with a high winning percentage, you’ll find the perfect mode!

Official website http://www.yokaiacademy.jp/

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Ayakashi kindergarten (JP)Ayakashi kindergarten (JP)

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