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Battle Cars: Fast PVP Arena

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The description of Battle Cars: Fast PVP Arena (by TinyBytes)

Where speed meets destruction. Drive fast, shoot faster. Race, fight, win

This is more than just a racing or fighting game. It’s Battle Cars – where your skills behind the wheel and in combat are put to the ultimate test.

Get ready for high-octane PvP multiplayer battles in Battle Cars! Dive into intense gameplay against machines created by real players from around the globe and compete in thrilling multiplayer car combat. The better you assemble it, the more fights you win.

Battle Cars: Fast PVP Arena

Fill your garage with battle cars, each with unique abilities and styles, and arm them from an extensive arsenal. Whether you’re in the mood for the chaos of a Free-For-All, the strategic depth of Capture the Flag, or the team dynamics of 4v4 Team Battle and Domination, our quick matchmaking and rapid-paced games will thrust you right into the action.

Battle Cars awaits! Upgrade, customize, and rule the battlefield. Dominate the streets. Crush the competition.


With 12+ unique battle cars, and over 9 guns & 9 collision weapons, you’re ready to combine them to dominate any scenario. Enhance your favorites and customize them with a lot of patterns and decals to become a legend in the PvP arena!

Battle Cars: Fast PVP Arena

Deploy protection bubble shields, or use turbo boosts to outmaneuver opponents. Car abilities are key to gaining the upper hand.

Battle Cars: Fast PVP Arena

Each mode demands different strategies and skills, offering something for every experienced player. Love the unpredictability? Free-For-All is your game, Enjoy team dynamics, choose Team Battle. Go deeper in strategy with Capture the Flag, and Domination. Each mode unlocks gradually, offering new challenges and gameplay styles.

Battle Cars: Fast PVP Arena

Battle across a range of environments – from neon-lit urban settings to dusty desert roads and futuristic arenas. Each map demands specific tactics, pushing you to adapt and conquer.

Battle Cars: Fast PVP Arena

Team with your friends, join forces in Alliances and engage in thrilling Alliance Wars. Build strategies with your teammates and rise to the top of the leaderboards in intense team battles.

Enjoy smooth drive & FPS-inspired controls tailored for competitive PvP battles and customize your setup to suit your play style.

Battle Cars: Fast PVP Arena

Battle Cars is optimized for most 4G/LTE networks, allowing for seamless play on the go. With quick matches, it’s perfect for players looking for fast-paced car combat.

Battle Cars: Fast PVP Arena

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