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Battle of War Evolution

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Battle of War Evolution (by Digital Africa Game)

Welcome to Battle of War Evolution, an addictive card game of the year! Enjoy card battles with more heroes! Enter the state, ready to join! Defeat all enemies to protect your castle! Your goal is to lead the legendary army to victory.

Battle of War Evolution

You can rally your troops and build castles to crush your enemies. It will take you to a completely different world with endless castle defense battles, exploring new lands and taking on sovereignty. This is a very demanding place where you can attack suddenly and with agility. Will you lead your hero to win the defense of this castle? Collect powerful heroes and use your skills to defeat your enemies.

Battle of War Evolution

Also, you may receive incredible rewards, and you have more chances to win coins and gems to upgrade your hero’s skills and powers. You need strategy and skill. Endless action awaits you! Upgrade and develop your castle, fend off endless waves of monsters, collect resources, improve your defenses, and equip to become stronger and stronger. Your survival is in the balance of life and death! This is a real challenge, you are about to face wars and battles, and you need a safe shelter. Anyone can attack, and an indestructible castle will save your clan in this survival mission!

Battle of War Evolution

– Simple game with amazing rewards
– Various maps, amazing challenges
– Funny sounds, vivid graphics
– Powerful hero selection and high interaction

Battle of War Evolution

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