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Big Bad Monsters (Jp)

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The description of Big Bad Monsters

“Big Bad Monsters” is a very popular sport that is developed among countless aerial cities…

The player will become one of the mayors of the aerial city, build many buildings and develop the city,
Over 30 meters in length summoned from a different dimension to participate in “Monster Scramble”

Aim to become the strongest mayor of the galaxy by having fun destroying the city with giant monsters!

Operate huge monsters and destroy the city!
With your instructions, cute monsters move around the screen freely!
Destroy the city created by other players by making full use of the two powerful skills of monsters!
You can enjoy simple but exhilarating action elements.

Big Bad Monsters

Grow your favorite monsters!
Summon from a different dimension! When you find a monster you like, you can choose “enhancement”, “evolution”, “intimacy”
You can raise monsters strongly with the system.
With the “Evolution” system, you can evolve all monsters up to a maximum rank of 5.
Strengthen your favorite monsters to the limit!

Big Bad Monsters

Design an ideal city
In addition to buildings with functions such as city hall, Canon tower, medical center,
Various buildings such as ordinary houses and condominiums, donut shops, botanical gardens can be constructed.
Decorate your city the way you want with pop-designed buildings!

Big Bad Monsters

By participating in the “Guild”, you can chat and exchange information with other players,
Even beginners can be assured that they can help with the development of monsters!

Big Bad Monsters
Big Bad Monsters

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