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Black Surge Night (JP)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android(QooApp) | IOS(JP)

The description of Black Surge Night (by BILIBILI)

What is the world of “Black Surgenight”?

Due to the sudden natural disaster, most of the stars were covered with water.

As a result of repeated struggle and research for marine resources in order to survive, “Doll” was born, which has intelligence and armament and can cross the sea.

Using the “doll”, human beings repeatedly contend for more marine resources, but suddenly the doll mutates.

The dolls, which became an uncontrollable and unknown threat, were secretly dismantled.

However, those who escaped from that unreasonableness gathered and looked for an opportunity to pay the price to the arrogant human beings …

Become a commander and fight with them to survive in a cruel and cruel world!

[Gorgeous animation colors the fierce naval battle]

Beautiful graphics, exhilarating real-time battle!

The operation is easy, just tap to bring out the skills of gorgeous cut-in animation!

Organize characters with various skills and characteristics and aim for victory!

Black Surge Night

[Lead the dolls and rebel against the world]

Hiding in the abyss, look at the plane, and raise the signal of the counterattack!

Conquer ports from many routes to expand your sphere of influence and defeat the four unreasonable powers.

Since the enemy forces also fight back to recapture the conquered port, a defense unit must be formed and stationed separately from the invasion unit.

Let’s fight fiercely and aim to conquer the world!

Black Surge Night

[Led by the abyss, the doll undergoes a change]

A doll influenced by an unknown substance is reborn into a new figure.

Not only does it have a mighty power, but it also changes its appearance and personality.

It’s up to the player how to guide the girls who have become “things”

Black Surge Night
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