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The description of ブルーロック BLAZE BATTLE

Blue Rock is a football manga published in Weekly Shonen Magazine by original author Muneyuki Kinjou and manga author Yusuke Nomura.

It includes a mode that allows you to relive the TV anime version’s story, and it seems that players will add various characters that appear in the original to the team while keeping track of it.

If you’re not the world’s most egoist,
I can’t be the best striker in the world
The Japan Football Union launches a plan to nurture strikers who will lead Japan to the World Cup.
Its name is the “Blue Rock (Blue Prison)” project. 300 high school students were collected.
Moreover, all of them are FW (forward). Born at the expense of 299 soccer lives,
What kind of striker will revolutionize Japanese football? “

─ Now, the hottest, most insane soccer anime ever begins.

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