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Chaos Alante

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Chaos Alante (by Magic-Alante Studio)

The worldview of the game is based on a new fantasy world – Alante Mainland, which was destroyed by the war between gods and demons and later rebuilt by humans for many years. The central region of the continent became a ruin due to the previous war between gods and demons, so humans could only redevelop and gradually prosper on another neighboring continent.


However, new crises also gradually emerged. The beginning of the story is that in this new area, the signs of the devil’s recovery reappear, the creatures begin to mutate, and the human world encounters a crisis again. As one of the personnel dispatched to investigate the cause, the protagonist embarked on a magical adventure.


This game project is a mmo a.rpg that has been independently completed by individuals for over 2 years. The main gameplay of the game is based on the Diablo series, while incorporating unique gameplay from online games. Committed to creating an online game with dark gameplay, players can interact with people in real-time.


PVP method of the game:
Free PVP is allowed in dangerous areas, but there is a penalty mechanism for malicious killing of players.


PVE method of the game:
You can freely explore and treasure on any map. At the same time, the design of dungeons has been added to solve the problem of limited number of bosses in the world, which makes it difficult for individual players to obtain good equipment.


The version launched this time belongs to the experience version and only completes the main framework content of the game. More tasks, maps, systems, gameplay, and competitive activities will gradually be improved in subsequent version updates. Welcome everyone to experience the game and provide feedback and questions. Thank you!


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