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UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG – NFT

Official Launch – iOS

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC | Steam

The description of UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG (by Jurval Corp)

Welcome to Underground Waifus: Dive into the Future of TCG multiplayer with PVP Battles. Play for free this CCG and battler card game and compete, achieve quests and earn free rewards!

UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT

The universe of Underground Waifus takes place in the future, corrupted by the scarcity of materials, money: stardust, and the desire for power. An eternal war between different races and more than 9 factions. The gameplay merges several themes: cyberpunk and manga/anime waifus cards based in a post-apocalyptic future.

Underground Waifus is more than just a TCG, CCG, or JJC. It’s the dawn of a new era of TCG web3 gaming. If you are tired of traditional Card PVP games, enjoy battling in a vast Battle Arena CCG with players worldwide.

UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT

One of the main sources of innovation is that it proposes a circular economy model that combines F2P (Free to Play) and P&E (play and earn) in that TCG (Trading Card Game), we’re shifting gears to warp speed!

Can you create a top deck-building strategy? There are several combat modes in this card F2P & P2E NFT collecting action game:

UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT

PVE CCG training available in the F2P/P2E mobile and PC version.
PVP Battler Card version with a game pass, winning player gets all.
PVP Player Battle Card Battler version of winning ELO will determine who is the winner of each SEASON.

UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT

That JJC trading card game is focused on a competitive side, with an easy player-driven economy: PVP (player vs player) battles game with no barriers to entry and hybrid F2P and P2E for all players!

UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT

FEATURES of an awesome CCG web3 game based on a TCG NFT game:

TCG & CCG Fusion: Enjoy the flavor of the card battles, both Trading Card Games and Collectible Card Games with an awesome deck builder.
Deck building Dynamics: Conquer all factions, strategy and deck builder here is that fun – but with cards!
NFT TCG Web3 Earning Games: Play and earn in the evolving world of web3, it’s not just a game, own your cards.

Official website

UGWaifus: TCG Battle Arena CCG - NFT
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