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Sand Tanble War: The Crusanes

Official Launch – Beta – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Sand Tanble War: The Crusanes (by HK YOULOFT)

Game introduction

When we designed this game, we followed the history of the entire Crusade, and adopted a highly restored way to restore the armaments, architecture, humanities and other contents of the medieval crusade to the game, and strive to create a real experience and a convincing medieval atmosphere for everyone.

The game has a large map, 5 kinds of resources, wood, iron, stone, grain and silver coins, grassland, and desert two kinds of landmarks. The range is 1000*1000, a total of 1 million plots, including 45 kinds of resource land, 5 player cities, 2 types of NPC cities, Jerusalem, Antioch, monasteries, wineries, dynamic rivers, and the image of the crusader knights during the First Crusade.

Two factions, fifty-nine heroes, more than 160 skills, a million blocks of land and Jerusalem await you! Be sure to become the king of the Kingdom of Jerusalem!

Sand Tanble War: The Crusanes

Introduction to gameplay

Players play as lords, recruit heroes, and expand their territory and conquer the battlefield through various ways such as city construction and resource capture. The four major arms of the army, detect the enemy, skillfully arrange, outnumbered the enemy, show resourcefulness, and create your own troops!

Sand Tanble War: The Crusanes

What the developer wants to say
We are a group of ordinary game enthusiasts who founded this team with a love for SLG games,At the beginning of the establishment of the team, it experienced the docking and running-in of the group members, the impact of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, coupled with the research and discussion of medieval characters and architectural styles by fine arts, etc., it can be described as a twist and turn.

Sand Tanble War: The Crusanes

At the beginning of the test, we repeatedly polished, scrutinized, and quarreled about some unreasonable interface design, and also faced player experience problems caused by various server client crashes, and we also encountered a lot of setbacks, but the reason why we persevered was because the team were loyal players of SLG, and after watching all kinds of brain-opening excellent works on the market, some of them brought us new thinking and inspiration, but some did not really meet everyone’s expectations for SLG games, and we have been thinking.

Sand Tanble War: The Crusanes

What exactly do you expect from a truly fun SLG genre game? So we wanted to create a strategy game that went back to square one and dedicated to players who really like SLG and really wanted the real war theme in our hearts. Under comprehensive consideration, we chose the genre of Bandu Like to make everyone relatively familiar and easy to get started, and we added a lot of our own understanding and optimization on the basis of the core gameplay of this category (among which the hero can swallow the card of the same name from low-level to high-level is the highlight of our game design), hoping to get everyone’s like.

Sand Tanble War: The Crusanes

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