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Craft Hero

Official Launch Mobile

💡 Platform – iOS | Steam

The description of Craft Hero (by OKJOY)

The indie game that has received 98% positive Steam reviews and a million downloads worldwide is now available!
Be the last hope of humankind! Organize the villagers to battle against the army of the BOSS!

Gather resources erect a dungeon
Gather diverse materials from the planet, such as wood and ore, then plan, construct, and style your dungeon before starting from zero. Use magic and technology
Research technology to enable the creation of weapons, magic, electricity, and even automated production and defense.

Power Traps for defense
Lay out your base strategically, combining walls, towers, traps, and upgrades to defeat waves of monsters.

Craft Hero

Legendary heroes assemble.
Numerous characters are eager to join you on your adventures, and legendary heroes are waiting for you to enlist them.

Craft Hero

Explore the world
Defeat the Gatekeeper, venture into new ecologies such the desert, lava, and ice, overcome new obstacles, and modify your base to fit the new surroundings.

Craft Hero

Rich Build Possibilities
You may quickly switch between the three types of combat (Warrior, Magician, and Archer), and you can combine different types of weapons to make your own build.

Craft Hero
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